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How to choose a business to invest?

Posted by uinvest10 on February 5, 2013 at 2:50 AM

To see the list of all projects available click > Assets Management

 as you can see there is a list with 5 columns (project name, price per share, monthly earnings, shares remaining and status action)


Take for example the project  Identification Technology:


The current price of the share is 1215 USD / share


Monthly income you will receive in your account is $182.25 / month


The number of shares available is 188 pieces


Status indicates that the price is constant (not DOWN not UP) here I mean the share price rather than monthly gain.


From $182.25 / month you must take 10% off  commission of the Uinvest


The conclusion is that we will get  $164.03 / month


Doing a simple calculation show that our investment of 1215 USD per share on Identification Technology will be amortized in 8 months


$ 164.03 x 8 months = $ 1312.24


You will receive this money no matter what happens to the share price!!


Some suggestions in choosing projects in which to invest:


1. Set a budget that you have available and try to think of an investment for a minimum of 1 year (as we have seen investment pays off in about eight months but it's better to leave it as at least 1 year,  stock price let's say over  eight months will decrease and you will not be able to sell it to 1215 USD as initially was but lower price. But  about share price ... why grow? ... why fall?(I will write in another post)


2. My recommendation is to start with a budget of $ 500-1000 in this way have a monthly income somewhere around  70-140 USD / month


3. Watch for new projects added-click the project name and then click INFO mandatory!! Watch table with important information about the project

To start earning money project status should be Started!


Another important section is years in business (length)  the higher the better mean it is a business that works.


The most important is the Investment Period .... in this period you will be monthly paid with dividend.


4. After you have decided what business you want to invest it is time to buy shares....

In the left column are those who want to buy shares and the price they are willing to pay the one on the right are those who want to sell shares at a price for which they are willing to give.


So there are 2 options to purchase shares @ Uinvest:


a) direct purchase in this example the price is 1235 USD /share from the user "medikdr" select the number of shares you wish to buy in this case is only 1 piece available at a price of 1235 USD / share.If you bought the share next month you will receive 182.5 USD -10% Uinvest commision = $ 164.03 / month


b) buying at the price that you are willing to pay ... you palce your offer and wait for someone who want to sell at the price you offer.



Good luck!!


About how you can load/withdraw money into your account from Uinvest in a future post.

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