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How it works
Uinvest makes investing money online intelligent and convenient. Video presentation easily shows you how to start investing money online with Uinvest.

Create account
Creating an account with Uinvest is free. Complete our simple online form, and get full access to our website.
Choose a business to invest

We have extensive information about a variety of businesses, ranging from factories to manufacturing facilities to utilities to commercial properties. Each company has shares, enabling investors to be part of a potentially successful business.

Start making money!

Each share is a way to make money, provided the company itself is profitable. Transparency governs this process, giving investors a monthly summary of earnings and other relevant information. If the business is successful, there is no time limit on the earning investors enjoy.

All the companies featured on Uinvest undergo rigorous scrutiny by Uinvest team of business professionals. They guarantee the accuracy of every business we profile, which is why they are respected leaders in  industry. Uinvest service fee - 10% of your income (deducted from your investment account after you start getting your earnings) – is competitive and fair.

Proof of your ownership
As an investor you will receive documents confirming your ownership by regular mail. You will receive shares certificate where your name and number of shares are specified. The certificate is protected by a hologram sticker and sealed by our director. In your mail package there will also be your business review - description of your business, photos and its address.

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